Laser dentistry in USA

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Tartar removal by laser
Formation of the dental calculus occurs by degrees. At the beginning between the teeth plaque is accumulated, which will harden bit by bit. Often this process is accompanied by bleeding gums that may lead to the teeth loosening.
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About laser dentistry

The laser light has a wide range of preventive and therapeutic effects. It leads to normal microcirculation, stimulates metabolism, accelerates the healing of wounds, has fibrin-thrombolytic properties, prevents the formation of scars, has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, neurotropic, bactericidal effect, increases the sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics.

Laser in dentistry is used for local treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa. The laser treatment stimulates the regeneration of the mucous membrane, accelerates the healing process. The laser is used in the treatment of endo- and periodontal, hemangiomas of skin and oral mucosa, skin tumors and mucous membranes. Laser is also used fir teeth whitening.

In dental surgery laser is irreplaceable. Through the use of laser operations are carried out quickly and bloodless, and the post-operative period is better tolerated. Healing time is reduced in a half, less noticeable pain during and after surgery, accelerates the regeneration process, no swelling, no need to use anesthetics.

In dental surgery laser is used for:

1. Correcting of wrong position of frenulum of the tongue. After its truncation with a laser, the effect is immediate and the patient feels relief. It is also possible completely remove frenulum using laser. The process of healing is accompanied by minimizing formation of fibrous tissue.
2. Correction of the gums, making easier to work with the materials while preparing for implantation.
3. As a result of medical treatment arises gingival hyperplasia that needs removal of excess tissue with a laser. Laser treatment can effectively deal with this problem and restore the good appearance of the mucous.
4. Cosmetic reconstruction of mucosal tissue of the oral cavity using laser makes possible to remove layers of tissue through an incision without causing bleeding
5. Removing the nerve endings of aphthous ulcers with laser.
6. Removal of tumors on the skin, such as fibromas, papillomas.

In endodontic dentistry laser is used for evaporation of residues and disinfection of root canals. With the help of endodontic tips doctor can work directly in the canal of the tooth to the apex. Under the influence of the laser bacteria are killed, tissue resided.

Besides laser can be used for teeth whitening. During the procedure whitening gel is activated by a laser. The procedure is performed in a single visit.
In implant dentistry using laser allows treatment of the implant without bleeding and infection of the bone.