Laser treatment of dental caries

Laser treatment of dental caries

Laser treatment of dental caries is a modern way to treat common dental disease. While treatment teeth and soft tissue (periodontal) are irradiated by laser. After this procedure patient feels much better, such signs of tooth decay disappear, as demineralization of dental hard tissue, sensitivity of the necks of the teeth and on enamel increases.

Main advantages of the decay treatment are its painlessness and directed action of the laser on the damaged areas of tooth tissue. Admirers of such treatment also mention that this procedure does not cause micro-cracks of the enamel.

Nowadays laser is used in dentistry not only for caries treatment, but also for its diagnosis. It has two main advantages over X-ray diagnosis. They are absence of radiation and the speed of use. Laser diagnostics of tooth decay is another step in the diagnosis of dental caries.

The main disadvantages of this method are incomplete study the influence of laser rays on the human body and on the teeth in particular.

How laser is used during treatment?

The main task of the laser is the processing of the affected tissues of the tooth, as well as bactericidal effect (destruction of pathogenic bacteria).

During the laser treatment sensitivity of the dental cervix disappears, there is no tooth demineralization, and condition of the enamel improves. Direction of the laser on the affected area has a high accuracy.

The main goal of decay treatment is to eliminate inflammatory process by removing infected tooth structures.

Laser treatment of dental caries for children

Children's milk teeth are more subjected for the decay as the child can not fully take care of his oral hygiene, in many cases he is lazy or just forgets to brush his teeth. Besides many children like sweet and flour products.

It is difficult to treat the baby teeth from decay. And the smaller the child is, more difficult it is for the dentist. But modern clinics can suggest not only treatment for the milk teeth but also preventive procedure for your child.

Laser treatment is absolutely painless for children, besides laser does not make such noise as dental drilling, so he will not be scared by it. Doctor also fully controls the process of treatment, so it is almost impossible to damage healthy tooth tissue during laser treatment.

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