Laser treatment of periodontal disease

Laser treatment of periodontal disease

The use of laser in dentistry helps to cope with such terrible diseases of gums, as periodontitis and periodontal disease. The main danger of such diseases is that gradually developing causes substantial damage usually at the age of 45 - 55 years. It all begins with gums bleeding, then tooth turns to be shaky, and then the tooth is no longer held in the jaw and falls out. So, in a short time person loses if not all his teeth, then the major part of them. You can avoid it if you consult periodontist just in time.

The main in treatment of periodontitis and periodontal disease is fighting off infections, located in the gingival pockets. Typically between the gum and tooth there is no pocket. Gums are firm, elastic, and well adjacent to the tooth. With periodontitis, gums become inflamed, move away from the tooth and the periodontal pocket is formed, in which plaque is accumulated, full of bacteria. Treatment of periodontal disease begins with cleaning out of the periodontal pocket to maximize the gums adjacent to the tooth, but it is difficult to do, as pockets have different shapes and are deep. If periodontal pocket is not cleaned out completely, with a decrease in immunity and certain endocrine diseases may relapse periodontitis.

Laser treatment of gums

Laser gum treatment has advantages over other methods of treatment. First, thanks to its powerful antibacterial and sterilizing action, dental laser helps to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms in the periodontal pockets.

You should also keep in mind that laser can make not the most pleasant procedure in the treatment of gum disease - closed curettage more comfortable and very effective. Dental laser has stimulating properties, which increase the local immune and make symptoms of inflammation by gingivitis disappear.

Dental treatment with a laser has advantages such as:

- Absence of bleeding;
- Extremely low potential of injuries;
- No seams;
- Sterility of the wound;
- Reduction of pain, swelling, and scarring after surgery;
- It is absolutely painless.

Laser treatment is possible at any stage of disease, even during pregnancy or if you have any chronic diseases that cause inflammation of the gums.

Laser treatment can be used for both adults and children. And other important fact that the noise created by laser is 20 times less than usually drill have, so patient does not hear frightening sounds that also has a soothing effect.

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